Psychotherapy Services



One-on-one therapy with individuals of all ages. Although sometimes the therapist or client will request that they have guests attend some sessions (a child(ren), parent(s), partner(s)…) therapy are focused on helping the individual resolve a variety of problems and/or challenges utilizing a variety of therapeutic interventions and theoretical orientations. Such problems and challenges could include grief and loss, trauma, mood disorders, self-esteem, anger, anxiety, abuse, school issues, autism, parenting, depression, attention deficits, dyslexia, friendships, coping, or processing the effects of childhood trauma on adolescents or adults.


Therapy in which the whole family participates in sessions in order to resolve problems and meet challenges. Some problems and challenges include: transitional difficulties (change in family dynamic from new job, new family member(s), the loss of a family member(s), divorce, remarriage, young adult, or aging parents), siblings, filial work, reintegration, parenting, or others.


Some clients seeking a gender therapist are looking for either a letter of support so that they may begin hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and/or gender affirming surgeries. Some clients seeking a gender therapist are looking to begin sessions to explore, learn, transition, or process their questioning or confirmed gender. And some clients are looking for both. Some clients seeking a gender therapist are looking for individual, partner, or family therapy. Clients seeking a gender therapist can be of any age.


People who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Questioning and/or Queer, Asexual can have therapeutic needs related to their sexual and/or gender identity. These can include identity formation and development, coming out, relationship difficulties, internalized shame and doubt, religious internationalism, cultural and family processing, minority stress, and trauma. Sometimes clients are not seeking therapy specific to their sexual and/or gender identity but are still needing therapy from a therapist who is affirming and knowledgeable in these areas.